About HourUnion

HourUnion Investment LTD, which has been in business since 2015, a UK-based company involved in cryptocurrency trading and mining. HourUnion LTD provides investors the opportunity to acquire guaranteed and instant profits. HourUnion carries out the trading of cryptocurrency funds on the specialized cryptocurrency exchanges, minimizing sags and drawdowns by restructuring of investment means. Using exchange spatial arbitration and exchange rate arbitrage, we create the most comfortable conditions to implementation of our investment obligations to our clients in full.The main goal of HourUnion - investment fund is to ensure high returns in the long term. Online investment attraction is the best way to make our business grow faster. That's why we decided to turn to private investors in order to gather pools of funds which are thousands of times greater than the Company's own working capital.

Our company has developed 3 highly profitable investment plans with one-time accruals of income after certain number of calendar hours or days. Besides, HourUnion Limited has technologies, which allow the company to apply latency arbitrage in its commercial activity. The latensi arbitrage (the most modern kind of High Frequency Trading, HFT) is characterized by obtaining advantage before competitors in successfully held auction of our traders due to more faster access to market price of realization of an exchange asset. In this case, due to faster access to an actual course of cryptocurrencies. Using the ways of access reducing the passing time of the order from initial to the final point, our traders by means of predatory algos develop scripts, defining how warrants for execution will react if supply and demand move up or down. The possession of such information gives our traders by almost risk-free and free arbitration opportunities. This strategy has been realized by specialists of the company thanks to the monetary investments aimed at the technical development of the company. This strategy allows us to achieve success and to get higher profit with other things being equal, with guarantee and safely.

Our investment proposals can satisfy the needs of both small and large investors. Choose that plan and the time frame that suits you most - invest any amount and get your profit. Our Trust-investment fund offers the favorable and highly profitable investment plans for its investors as well as stable and timely payouts. You can find a detailed description of our investment packages in your back office cabinet. In addition to favorable investment proposal we also offer fair and transparent conditions of the affiliate program. You have the opportunity to start a business of your own and earn additional money by just sharing the word of our Company and demonstrating its potential to others. Our referral rewards program offers earning at four levels and pays 3-10% of the deposits made by your referrals.

We invite you to join us on this journey! With investment support, we can not only expand our borders, but also increase returns. All our activities are based on the interest to maximize the return for our partners, while minimizing the risks involved. Having the official registration and all necessary licenses, allowing our company to carry out the cryptoforeign exchange trading auctions,HourUnion was created as the exchange trading company, capable to provide its services to investors from around the world. Cooperation with our company to your success and achievement of wellbeing in the near future.

Our Advantages

Hourly Profits

All profits will be caculated hourly to your account balance. You can withdraw them anytime, the min withdraw amount for bitcoin is $1 and for other it is 0.1$.

Instant Withdraw

All payment type withdraw are instantly! We use instant payment system. Deposits and withdrawals are always processed instantly. You can enjoy your profit.

SSL Security

We are professionals and we have developed a automatic system that will allow you to make profit handsomely. HourUnion.com use Comodo SSL Security to protect all investor's date, all of your money kept safety with us anytime.

Online Support

Our mail support is working 7*24 hours online and Our online chat support is working about 8-10 hours daily. VIP member phone support is working 7*24 hours daily! We always stay in touch with you and always ready to help you with any problems.

Meet Our Team

Helen Pritts

This is a serious paying and guaranteed investment program, and always pays instantly!

David Smith

This is a good, trustworthy and paid website on the internet. Fast and reliable spending.

Jaime Grant

Wonderful service!! You can invest our plans right now! Site paying me fine. We are the best!

Kevin Felker

HourUnion is a long-term project.It's easy and safe, the payment is very fast, you can recommend your friends to join.